Cold War History of Events Timeline.

Timeline created by Aidan Mayo
  • Yalta Conference

    Meeting between Joseph Stalin, Winston Churchill and J.D Roosevelt.
    Purpose: To discuss the outcome of Poland,The League of Nations and The Creation of the United Nations. The Pacific offensive was also a topic of discussion.
  • East and West Germany

    After World War Two Germany was divided into East and West. The West side was occupied by France Britain and USA. The East was occupied wholly by the USSR.
  • Igor Gouzenko Defection

    Igor Gouzenko, a Russian Cipher clerk, defects 3 days after the second world war and gives away 109 documents of Soviet espionage in the united states and Canada.
  • The Berlin Airlift

    Soviets threaten to shoot down supply craft's if they deviate from specific flight paths.
  • The creation of NATO

    NATO (North Atlantic Treaty organization) was founded by:
    United states
    United Kingdom
  • West Germany Annex

    The French, British and United States sections of West Germany annex.
  • The Start of The Koren War

    North Korea Invades South Korea.
    North Korea is backed by the USSR and China (Communist).
    South Korea is backed by Canada and the United States (Democratic).
  • The End of The Korean War

    The Korean Armistice is signed and fighting ceases. The DMZ (Korean Demilitarized Zone) was created between the North and South Koreans.
  • The Warsaw Pact

    The Warsaw pact was an alliance/Treaty between:
    Soviet Union
  • The Start of The Vietnam War

    The Vietnam war is considered one of the worst wars the Americans ever fought. It has been called unorganized and disastrous. The Vietnam war saw the creation and use of Napalm. Napalm is a chemical compound made to blast and burn large portions of foliage and Viet Cong. It allowed american troops to see through the bush and lowered risk of ambush. Along with Napalm, Agent Orange was also used. Agent Orange is a Bomb filled with DMT that would make the Viet Cong Hallucinate.
  • The Launch and Orbit of Sputnik

    Sputnik was a Soviet Satelite that was launched into orbit around earth. It was the first man made satelite ever to orbit the earth. When the Americans caught wind of Sputnik they were fearful, for they were unsure of what exactly Sputniks purpose was and what it could do.
  • The Avro Arrow

    The Avro Canada CF-105 Arrow is a Canadian made Fighter Jet meant for intercepting Soviet bombers. The Avro was considered one of the greatest Jets ever made and is still considered to be quite good in today's age. Although it was an extraordinary Jet it was decommissioned in 1959 by Diefenbaker and has since never been used. It was first revealed to the public on October 4th 1957.
    It was first flown on March 25th 1958.
  • The Founding of NORAD

    NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) is an Organization founded by the United States and Canada for Aerospace Defense and warnings.
  • The Bay of Pigs Invasion

    The Bay of Pigs was a failed covert operation by the US. John F. Kennedy had hoped that it would give the Americans the edge in the cold war. It turned into a disaster. 114 men died and half of which were US civilians. The invasion lasted two days.
  • The Berlin Wall

    The Berlin wall is a 3.6 meter tall wall spanning across Germany. It was built by the Communist East Germany to keep people in and keep Democracy out.
  • The Cuban Missle Crisis

    The Cuban Missle Crisis was a conflict with America and the Cubans for Soviet Nuclear missiles being spotted within the country. The United States was not aware that there even were Nuclear Missiles in Cuba and when they were the US Armed Forces went into DEFCON 3 and the Strategic Air Command went into DEFCON 2. The long range missiles had the capability to Nuke anywhere on the Eastern Seaboard and reached from Cuba all the way to Utah and Ontario.
  • The Soviet Summit Series.

    The Soviet summit series was a set of 7 hockey games in various locations of Canadas best players and Russias best players. Many people realized the Parallels to the current cold war conflict and became even more invested in the winner than most games. It was a fight of Nationalism. To prove which Nation was better. The two nations were tied up and Canada barely managed to win the final game after having to put up with very questionable calls by the Russian referees.
  • End of The Vietnam War

    Realizing that winning the war was an impossible task, the American forces pulled back and the Communist forces overran Vietnam. The country became the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in 1976. Extra information: American forces were wildly unprepared and misdirected, often bombing and killing civilians accidentally and even their own men. Many Troops returning from Vietnam had Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
  • Fall of the Berlin Wall

    People around Germany came together on this day to demolition the Wall separating East and west Berlin.