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  • Oct 3, 1471


    The newspaper was invented ing 59bc by a man called Robert Hoe.
  • Television

    Television has been around a long time since 1873 by fourteen year old high school student. The concept pictures could be scanned by a beam and trasmitted to remote location. It was sort of like time travel for pictures. While the high school student was working on his discovery, so a Russian, Vladimir Zwoorykin. There was a battle in court between the two men and RCA, the high school wone, He won but in the end RCA gave credit to the Russian.
  • The Computer

    The Computer
    1840 approximately, Charles Babbage invented a huge mechanical computer with punched-card programming called the "Analytical Engine", but he could never get it built.
  • The Radio

    The Radio
    Two are three different people credited with the invention of the radio. Nikola Tesla was the first to start experimenting with the idea of a radio. However she was not very good at taking credit for her inventions so nowThomas Edison shares the credit with Nikola.
  • The telephone

    The telephone
    The telephone was invented around the 1870's. The famous incident in which Alexander Graham Bell spilled coffe on to his invention that he was trying to power. The coffe that spilled on it contained enough power to power his invention that he soon called the telephone.
  • Cell Phones

    Cell Phones
    The cell phone was invented in 1915 by a man called Martin Cooper while he was working for Motorola.
  • Skype

    Skype was invented in 2003 in Sweeden by a man called Nicklas Zennstrom and Junas Friis.It's first better version realesed to the public in he following year.