Communication inventions

Timeline created by Claudia Gordo Torrens 3
  • Telegraph - Samuel Morse

    Telegraph - Samuel Morse
    It's a device that uses elctric signals to transfer coded messages.
  • Radio - Nikola Tesla

    Radio - Nikola Tesla
    It's a way of communication through radio waves.
  • Telephone - Alexander Graham Bell

    Telephone - Alexander Graham Bell
    The telephone is a communication device that receives and produces sounds over long distances.
  • Television - John Logie Baird

    Television - John Logie Baird
    It's the system of the transmission, reception of images and sounds at a distance that simulate movement.
  • Computer - Konrad Zuse

    Computer - Konrad Zuse
    It's an electronic machine that receives and processes data in order to have useful information.
  • Mobile phone - Martin Cooper

    Mobile phone - Martin Cooper
    It's a portable phone that can make or receive calls while the user is on the move.
  • Tablet - Bill Gates

    Tablet - Bill Gates
    It's a portable digital device with the functions of a computer with the difference that it is smaller and contains a touch screen.