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In History
  • First Computer

    First Computer
    The first Computer was built in 1941.

    This Computer was created by John Presper and John Willian.

    This Computer was the second programmable in the first generation, it's creation was in 1949
  • Second Generation Computer

    Second Generation Computer
    From 1958 to 1964 the vacuum valve was replaced by the transistors in the computer for a smaller size.
  • IBM 1401

    IBM 1401
    This Computer was launched in 1959 by IBM, which had a system based on transistors and punched cards.
  • IBM 1620

    IBM 1620
    It was a computer created primarily for scientific use and the first of its kind to be estimated as inexpensive that was released the same year.
  • Third Generation

    Third Generation
    The third Generation of Computers started from 1964 to 1971
  • CDC 6600

    CDC 6600
    This computer was created in 1965 by Seymour Cray and was primarily intended for Research in high nuclear energy physics.
  • Fourth Generation Of Computers.

    Fourth Generation Of Computers.
    The first microprocessor called 4004 was created, developed by Intel in 1971, and in 1974 the first one designed for general use was introduced to the market.
  • Microsoft

    In 1975 Microsoft is created.
  • Fifth Generation Of Computers.

    Fifth  Generation Of Computers.
    The first supercomputer called CDC 6600 with parallel processing capabilities was created in Japan.
  • Sixth Generation Computers.

    Sixth Generation Computers.
    Was created in 1990 to the present, with the creation of the World Wide Web or WWW.
  • Sixth Generation Of Computers.

    Sixth Generation Of Computers.
    Sixth Generation Of Computers could be called the era of "artificial brains".