Computer History: 1990s

Timeline created by Stephanie__Perez93
  • PGP

    It was a public key encryption program by Phil Zimmermann. PGP secure texts, emails, and files and protect users from governments, businesses, and institutions.
  • Apple Newton

    Apple Newton
    It was developed and released by Apple. It is a PDA that can take notes, store contacts, and manage calendars along with the handwriting recognition. The handwriting recognition, however was poor causing the Newton to discontinued.
  • CompactFlash

    It was invented by SanDisk. CompactFlash was popular for digital still and video cameras because of its ruggedness and high capacity.
  • DVD

    DVD was being developed by Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, Toshiba, and Philips. DVD has more storage than CD with the read-only and read-write formats. It was being widely used for movie releases for the better video and audio quality, interactivity, and improved lifespan than VHS.
  • Java 1.0

    Java 1.0
    The programming language was created by James Gosling and Java can run on any system from traditional software vendors. Java also allow devices to communicate with each other. It brought multimedia to the Internet.