Computer History 2000-2009

Timeline created by TDB1
  • First Camera Phone - Samsung SCH V-200

    First Camera Phone - Samsung SCH V-200
    Created by Samsung the SCH V-200 was the first phone with a built in camera. This allowed people to take photos and share them electronically. This has enhanced our lives by allowing us to share the world around us with others digitally.
  • USB Flash Drive Created

    USB Flash Drive Created
    Dov Moran(IBM) was the creator of the first flash drive. This invention allowed for portable storage the was more resilient to damage. This invention has assisted our lives by playing a big role in the backup and storage of date, flash drives are still a popular device today.
  • First 1TB Hard Dish Drive

    First 1TB Hard Dish Drive
    Invented by Hitachi Global Storage this device allowed for larger amounts of date to be stored on a single drive compared to prior devices. This has impacted our lives by making it easier to store date without it having to take up lots of space and multiple hard drives needing to be used.
  • First iPhone Invented

    First iPhone Invented
    Steve Jobs created the first iPhone and introduced his product in 2007. This device was a touchscreen phone that allowed for more available screen while still having a full (digital) keyboard. This has enhanced our lives by beginning a long path of touch screen phones, most phones today operate with no actual keyboard just the touchscreen.
  • MacBook Air

    MacBook Air
    Invented by Steve Jobs the MacBook Air was a thinner more portable notebook. This invention has lead to the laptops we see today that are increasingly thinner and thinner. This invention showed the possibilities of computers advancements.