Computer Timeline 2000-2010

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  • 2000 USB Flashdrive- Dov Moran

    2000 USB Flashdrive- Dov Moran
    The USB flash drive has made it possible to physically move information from one place to another easily.
  • 2001 Xbox - Microsoft

    2001 Xbox - Microsoft
    The Xbox is a gaming system people like to play during their free time. There are 48 million people that play.
  • 2006 Twitter - Jack Dorsey

    2006 Twitter - Jack Dorsey
    This app allowed people to say whatever they wanted to say unfiltered.
  • 2007 IPhone - Steve Jobs

    2007 IPhone - Steve Jobs
    The IPhone was introduced which made smartphone usage gain popularity.
  • 2010 IPad - Steve Jobs

    2010 IPad - Steve Jobs
    In 2010 a computer more portable than a laptop was introduced to do similar things that an IPhone did.