Computers Through the 80's

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  • The Vic-20

    The Vic-20
    In 1980, Commodore International announced the Vic-20, an eight-bit home computer, primarily used for educational software and games. Shipped with 5KB RAM and 1.5 KB of that RAM being used for various things such as video display, it had been described as the, " of the future". Although it's graphic abilities were limited, they were flexible. It was the best selling computer of the 1980's with approximately 800,000 machines sold.
  • The Birth of the IBM PC

    The Birth of the IBM PC
    On August 12, 1981, Don Estridge announced the IBM Personal Computer at a price of $1,565. "The new IBM PC could not only process information faster than those earlier machines, but it could hook up to the home television sets, play games, process text, and harbor more words than a large textbook," (IBM). The response to their new invention had an overwhelming response that Newsweek Magazine referred to as, "IBM's roaring success".
  • Apple Macintosh

    Apple Macintosh
    In 1984, Apple aired a commercial during Super Bowl XVIII in order to promote their brand new Apple Macintosh Computer. It was the first ever, successful, mouse driven computer. It was priced at $2,500 and included MacPaint as well as MacWrite. It held 512KB, allowing users to have several programs opened all at the same time.
  • Hypercard

    William Atkinson, an engineer for Apple, designed HyperCard. The software tool was meant to simplify the applications of in-house systems. Up until 1992, the program was freely distributed among the Macintosh computers.
  • Macintosh Portable

    Macintosh Portable
    Previously, Apple had been encouraging users to take their MACS on they go, however, it wasn't until In 1989 when they launched the first ever Macintosh Portable, a true portable, battery operated computer. It was expensive and heavy weight, and despite being widely praised, it ended up being a huge flop. Two years after release, the line was discontinued, however this was a major stepping stone in the world of portable technology,