D.C. US History 1600s

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  • Jamestown, Virginia

    Jamestown, Virginia
    Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement, is founded in the land of Virginia, establishing the English's hold in the Americas.
  • Tobacco Becomes a Cash Crop

    Tobacco Becomes a Cash Crop
    Tobacco becomes the first cash crop in America due to its popularity in Europe. The colonies begin to grow as brings large amounts of income.
  • Massachusetts Bay Colony

    Massachusetts Bay Colony
    The Massachusetts Bay Colony is established at Salem by John Winthrop as a charter colony based on Puritan principles.
  • Province of Maryland Founded

    Province of Maryland Founded
    The Providence of Maryland is founded by George Calvert as a charter colony and becomes a Catholic region among the other colonies.
  • Connecticut Colony Founded

    Connecticut Colony Founded
    The Connecticut Colony is founded by Thomas Hooker with a group of settlers from Massachusetts.
  • New Haven Colony Founded

    New Haven Colony Founded
    The New Haven Colony is founded by John Davenport.
  • Period: to

    King Philip's War

    King Philip's War began when King Philip led an attack on the town of Swansea in response to the execution of three Native Americans from the Wampanoag Tribe. King Philip was betrayed and shot and the war ended when Sir Edmond Andros made peace in 1678.
  • Bacon's Rebellion in Virginia

    Bacon's Rebellion in Virginia
    Bacon's Rebellion was a revolt in colonial Virginia instigated by high taxes, low tobacco prices, and resent for those close with the governor who had special privileges. It was led by Nathanial Bacon.
  • Salem Witch Trials

    Salem Witch Trials
    The Salem Witch Trials were a series of trials and prosecutions of people accused of witchcraft.