Data moshing–Jefferson Rivera

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  • Definition

    Data Moshing is the process of corrupting, removing, or replacing frames, causing the image to appear glitched.
  • Beginning of data moshing

    Beginning of data moshing
    Early example of data moshing in 1930's "A Colour Box" by Len Lye.
  • Video sculpture

    A different example of data moshing is seen in 1965, "the video sculpture" by Nam June Paik.
  • Data moshing in contemporary

    Data moshing in contemporary
    panasonic th-42pwd8uk plasma screen burn by cory arcangel shows data moshing in more contemporary work.
  • More popularity

    More popularity
    "Welcome to Heartbreak" Kanye West features the technique as its popularity spreads rapidly.
  • Avoided by artist

    After Kanye West show of data moshing in "Welcome to Heartbreak", artists seemed to step back from the technique. Though, it did continue to appear in content such as movies and videos.
  • Popular again

    Popular again
    Shown in more popular videos like wrecking ball by Miley Cyrus throughout the years, only bringing more fame to data moshing.