Development of the particle model

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  • -500 BCE

    Development of the particle theory

    Development of the particle theory
    Democritus, today is known for the atomic theory he made years and years ago, The atomic theory is about atoms and how they are inside of solids, atoms, and liquids, and other states of matter like plasma.
  • Issac newton

    Issac newton
    Isaac newton, before understanding newtons, he understood atoms. He made a theory on how particles, especially atoms on how they are differently placed in different states of matter. For example how solids are held up, why they have volume, and how atoms hold up different states of matter and why they spread out when they are heated
  • John dalton

    John dalton
    John discovered why particles and atoms make solids how they are held, and why liquids and gases are held like this. He also knows and discovered that all states of matter are held and have atoms in them. And why different states of matter are held differently.
  • Albert einstein

    Albert einstein
    Albert Einstein had mathematically proved the atom, and also made an equation for it. Not only that but Einstein also made atomic nuclear power, power plants, and atomic weapons, sparking the birth of nukes, and weapons using atomic level of power and atomic machines. Which is why Nukes have started to produce atoms inside of them, and machines conclude atoms to compress fabric, aluminium and copper, etc to the atomic level of compression.