Developmental Timeline

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  • First trimester

    First trimester
    The first trimester starts the first day of conception and goes till twelve weeks. During this time the baby is most susceptible to injury from outside sources such as drugs, alcohol and smoking. This trimester includes the zygote and embryo stages. The umbilical cord and placenta develop.
  • Second trimester

    Second trimester
    During the second trimester The fetus continues to grow and develop. It has thin wrinkly skin. The mother begins to fell movement called quickening. the baby develops fine, dark body hair called lanugo. It also has vernix which is a waxy substance to protect and cover the skin.
  • Third trimester

    Third trimester
    During the third trimester a baby will finish developing and prepare for childbirth. The fetus will start move in a head down position. The mother will most likely be the most uncomfortable during this trimester. The fetus will get antibodies from the mother to protect the child from illness after birth for a few months. The organs increase activity.
  • Birth through two weeks

    Birth through two weeks
    Most babies lose weight but then gain it back within the first two weeks. The baby is learning to eat which can come naturally or be a big challenge. they sleep large portions of the day. tummy time can being as long as it is supervised. Some mothers try to put their babies on a schedule while others just wing it. Mothers can suffer from postpartum.
  • Infant Language

    Infant Language
    Infants begin to vocalize right away but they can not communicate this way so they use body language, facial expressions, gestures and cries. Infants begin to imitate vocalizations in the first few months of life. Around six mouths of age babies can make more elaborate sounds. Then the babbling starts which parents encourage. My first word was at about ten months and was "mom".
  • Infant Physical Development

    Infant Physical Development
    When a baby is born their head makes up about 25% of their body length. Making it hard for them to raise their heads. At birth the brain is about 25% of the size of an adult brain. My mom said I had the biggest head out of her four children. My head always looks huge in pictures.
  • Infant Cognitive Development

    Infant Cognitive Development
    Learning starts with the first few days with automatic movements however the movement quickly turn voluntary after about a month. After about four moths babies become more interested in the outside world and will repeat motions. I used to slam cupboards over and over no matter how many times my mom tried to get me to stop.
  • Infant Emotional Development

    Infant Emotional Development
    Infants begin to have a social smile around two to three months and laugh around four months. As a baby gets older they express stronger emotions like anger, sadness, fear and surprise.
  • Toddler Creative Development

    Toddler Creative Development
    There are many different ways to foster a toddlers creative development including dance, drama, music, and visual art. When I was young I enjoyed music the most. I have seen a few videos of when I was a toddler and could barley talk but I was trying to sing. I was just as bad then as I am now. Thankfully now I just listen to music and do not make people listen to me sign. I also made an instrument out of anything I could find such as lids, shakers, sticks, and toys.
  • Toddler Physical Development

    Toddler Physical Development
    There are many milestones children reach while they are toddlers for instance walking, running, jumping, throwing, kicking and many more. My favorite however was swimming. Some toddlers learn to swim and some don't. I grew up in California and practically lived at the beach. I knew how to swim before I could walk.
  • Toddler Social Development

    Toddler Social Development
    Toddlers show social development in many ways including communication, recognition, relationships, interaction, and imagination. I had quite imagination for a toddler. I would always have a doll or toy and play with it talking and playing. I had a lot of socialization with other kids because of my sibling and cousins. I defiantly learned to defend my territory at a young age.
  • Toddler Language Development

    Toddler Language Development
    Many toddlers are still babbling which quickly turns into saying a few words. They will reply and fallow simple directions.Toddlers will start adding more words and linking words together. I was very into identifying body parts and animal noises. We went to the zoo a lot when I was young and I always wanted to make animal noises.
  • Early Childhood Physical Development

    Early Childhood Physical Development
    In early childhood I played soccer. It was a great way to run and burn of excess energy. I had fun while using my body and learning skill that I did not even realize.
  • Early Childhood Emotional Development

    Early Childhood Emotional Development
    One of my earliest childhood memories was my grandpa dying. I was four years old and I don't really remember being told he died but I do remember the funeral. I know emotional this had a big toll on my life because it was my first loss.
  • Early Childhood Cognitive Development

    Early Childhood  Cognitive Development
    I went to preschool when I was three years old. Normally I would not have gone till I was four but my brother thought we were twins and would not go without me. I learned a lot my first year in preschool. I remember knowing I was younger then everyone else so I had to work hard. I knew all my letters and letter sounds before my brother.
  • Early Childhood Creative Development

    Early Childhood Creative Development
    When I turned five my aunt gave me dance classes for my birthday. I was in love with all kinds of dance even though I had no coordination. I remember my first dance recital I had so much fun but the video looks like I hated it because I was concentrating so hard.
  • Middle Childhood: Physical Development

    Middle Childhood: Physical Development
    I played basketball for three years from when I was 7-10. I had a great experience playing with my friend. I feel it helped me develop life skills and stay healthy. There was a great sense of accomplishment when we won and we learned just as much when we lost. I think today kids and parents don't understand losing is a life skill. I have a hard time keeping my kids as active at the same age.
  • Middle Childhood - Cognitive Development

    Middle Childhood - Cognitive Development
    This age is where my learning disability really started to show. I started to struggle more and more on a daily basis. I remember teachers telling my mom one day it would all click but it never did. I just felt like I was drowning in spelling and grammar that came so easily to other kids.
  • Middle childhood- creative development

    Middle childhood- creative development
    When I was in fourth grade I started playing clarinet and let me say I was horrible. However, I did not know that at the time. I loved crating music even if no one liked listening to it. I remeber thinking I would play forever. It lasted all of two years and I think it was the only thing my mother was ever happy I quit.
  • Middle Childhood- Emotional Development

    Middle Childhood- Emotional Development
    After my father died when I was nine we moved to Arizona. I had very mixed feelings about this at the time. Every child hate moving and leaving friends and family. However, I had suffered some bullying because of my learning disability in California. The move ended up being great and I was very happy here after I adjusted to the new place and the horrible heat.
  • Adolescent Physical

    Adolescent Physical
    I was very short when I was young. I used to get made fun of by my best friend in sixth grade because she was five two and I was so much shorter. Then between my freshmen and sophomore year I went from five foot nothing to five eight in a matter of moths. Not only did it hurt nothing i owned fit. My feet grew so fast and so did everything else.
  • Adolescents Emotional

    Adolescents Emotional
    Every teen has emotional struggles and I was no different. I wanted to be cool but not so cool I would get in trouble because my mom was scary. I had a wonderful family and they have always been supportive. I remember hating having family dinner every Sunday and now I love it. I will be doing the same with my children.
  • Adolescent Creative

    Adolescent Creative
    I high school my favorite class was jewelry. I loved every moment of getting to make something with my hand but I also feel in love with photography. Being able to capture the perfect moment is something I still used today. I found a new and exciting love for jewelry and photography while in high school.
  • Adolescent Cognitive

    Adolescent Cognitive
    In high school I really wanted to transfer out of SLD classes. My mom was so scared I would fail regular classes and not graduate on time she wouldn't let me so I took regular and SLD classes my senior year just so I would feel more prepared for collage. I did well though I didn't an A which was disappointing but I still felt proud of myself.