Digital Art Datamoshing Timeline Jeremy Misla

Timeline created by Jeremy Misla
  • Datamoshing

    Datamoshing is a manipulation of pictures or videos to create a distorted effect. This can also be done to audio but visual is the more used option.
  • Pastell Kompressor

    Pastell Kompressor
    This was a video made by Owi Mahn and Laura Baginski. This was the first instance of Datamoshing being used to create art.
  • Monster Movie

    Monster Movie
    Takeshi Murata created this movie using an old horror movie from 1981. It consists of heavy visual sounds and beautiful use of datamoshing all throughout the film. This film made datamoshing popular.
  • Welcome to Heartbreak

    Welcome to Heartbreak
    This is a song made by Kanye West. The music video of this song has a lot of datamoshing. This is when datamoshing was introduced to the mainstream media.
  • Compression Reel

    Compression Reel
    David O'Rilley, an artist, filmmaker, and game designer, created this using his previous works and images to create a beautiful video, which is now famous in the datamoshing community.
  • Adventure Time

    Adventure Time
    David O' Rilley created this episode of Adventure Time, in it, he included A whole bunch of datamoshing which was all central to the plot.