Digital collage - Quinton ralls

Timeline created by quinton ralls
  • The start of digital collages

    The start of digital collages
    Digital collage started only as collage hundreds of years ago, the art included art mixed with others created one piece of art.
  • When digital collage art was created

    The end of the 19th century set a pace for an industrialized culture. things like cinema, trains and more were created. when the computer was created that's what started it all
  • How they were made

    How they were made
    people were making the world modern very fast there was many big inventions and artist wanted a way to put that in art form
  • media making endless possibilities for digital collage

    The appearance of media for digital image processing and recording, as well as the use of computer software to edit verbal and visual content, changed the scope of collage dramatically. it made editing and creating collages way better
  • Digital collages today

    Digital collages today
    Digital collages today are full of imagination many digital apps and software help to perfect the art and there are millions of photos to use for the collage as well