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  • Thomas Hobbes birth

    Thomas Hobbes birth
    Thomas Hobbes is an English philosopher who believed that all men are born evil. He believed they were born selfish, greedy, and bad. He also believed that there needed to be an absolute monarch. He then made a thing called the social contract where people would agree to be governed a certain way.
  • Discovery of the gunpowder

    Discovery of the gunpowder
    Before hand James I found out about a letter that suggested there was going to be an explosion at parliament. He had a group of people thoroughly search parliament for anything suspicious but they did not find anything. Not satisfied he had another search and they soon discovered barrels of gunpowder behind a wall of fire wood in the basement.
  • Conspirators flee

    Conspirators flee
    Upon hearing the arrest of guido the other conspirators still in London fled. They wanted to get away with out getting caught.
  • Guy Fawkes confesses

    Guy Fawkes confesses
    After Guy was captured he was taken to a prison where he was tortured. They knew he was guilty but wanted him to say it himself. So when Guy had enough of the torture he explained to them the whole plan in detail.
  • Death of Guy Fawkes

    Death of Guy Fawkes
    After Guy confessed he was soon to be executed. He was publicly executed. He was hung as punishment and when he was he jumped so it would break his neck and die instantly.
  • John Lockes birth

    John Lockes birth
    John Locke is an English philosopher who believed that everyone is born good. He would also use the term tabula rasa which meant black tablet. So not good but not bad. He also believed in natural rights which are life, liberty, and property and that the government will protect these rights.
  • Marry Wollstonecraft

    Marry Wollstonecraft
    Mary believed that all women should have the right to do what they want. That they should just stay home but getting the same education as men. She did believe that women should help take care 9f the children but not all the time. She believes that women should be able to make money to support the family to.
  • The Beginning of the Revolution

    The Beginning of the Revolution
    The start of the revolution was when the people stormed into Bastille. Bastille was a prison. Some people may ask why storm a prison but that was because that prison held a lot of gunpowder. They successfully took over bastille and released the prisoners all except 7 who they killed. Only 18 died 73 wounded and 7 guards killed.
  • National Convention

    National Convention
    The National convention was a French assembly that governed France. Their first act was to abolish the monarchy. They decreed fraternity and offered French assistance to anyone who wanted to over through the government.
  • End of monarchy

    End of monarchy
    People said as long as there was still a royal family monarchy cold be restored. So they put king and queen into jail and had people vote for them to live or die. In the end they got killed king Louis XVI on January 21, 1793 and later queen Marie Antoinette on October 16, 1793.
  • Reign of terror

    Reign of terror
    Maximilian would try to keep the people of Franc safe but he did the exact opposite. My people died because of him. Because of this many people where paranoid and when they thought something looked odd they would report and that person would die.
  • Marie Antoinette executed

    Marie Antoinette executed
    A little later after King Louis XIV was executed his wife was executed. Before she died she was kept in a prison type cell and had soup. She then was sentenced to be executed.
  • Battle of trafalger

    Battle of trafalger
    This battle was a battle between France and Britain. Usually Napoleon wins his battle but this battle he lost. The French lost and the British won.
  • Napoleon in Elba

    Napoleon in Elba
    Napoleon was captured and was sentenced to Elba. Elba is an island. He was to stay there until he died. That was his punishment for what he has done.
  • Napoleons death

    Napoleons death
    Napoleon died on St. Helena on May 5, 1821. Some people believe he died because of stomachs cancer or an ulcer. There are also reasons to believe her died of arsenic poisoning.