Timeline created by jonrok
  • Project Lead and Project Team Leads 1st Task

    :Start date:
    create job description based on tasks outlined in PMP
    - Search for a temporary part-time employee to work up to 320 hours total. Identify SMART objectives
  • Project Team Members 1st Task

    Start Date:
    find resources on DOA’s website
    - contact DOA directly for clarification on preparing records
  • Project Team Members next phase

    Start Date:
    stay in contact with DOA to ensure accuracy of record processing
    - this will be the largest part of the project. Apply DOA requirements to prepare paper documents for travel
  • Team check in

    project team lead, Team manager and team member have a chance to discuss the progress of the project address project barriers and Team member needs
  • Project Team manager Hand off

    Signal Team lead to get in contact with DOA to schedule pick up
    ensure that the records are prepared correctly
    - prepare payment for DOA at this time
  • Project Team lead project completion

    Be present for DOA’s record pick up
    complete a report
  • DOA Update

    Katitza should get an update from DOA to ensure DOH has all necessary login information, and to see about the success of the imaging process
  • fully operational system accessible to all stakeholders

    all document uploaded and ready for use
  • Period: to

    implementation of PMP

    DOH vital statistics project