East and South west Asia

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  • 200

    Chinas first emporer ruled ancient china

  • 500

    China...Taosim originated in China

  • May 18, 700

    Japan...Political system

  • May 18, 800

    Southeast Asia...Khmer dominated Cambodia

  • May 18, 1279

    Mongol invaders led by Genghis Khan overthrew the Sung dynasty and ruled all of china

  • May 18, 1557

    China...The first civilaztion to arrive is the portuguese and set up trading colonies

  • China....China lost man wars and battles and failed to keep the european out.

  • Europe...British and French set up plantations for growing extra crops.

  • Japan...Samurai demanding reforms to overthrow the last shogun

  • Japan...Japan captured Taiwan

  • Japan....Japanese took Tiwan from china

  • Japanese defeated Russia

  • Japan annexed Korea

  • Republic of China formed

  • Japans empire also included many islands in the north pacific

  • Japan took over Manchuria

  • Japan invaded Eastern China

  • Japan invaded the rest of china

  • Japan signed an alliance with germany and italy

  • Japans Defeat

  • Japan..The US dropped atomic bombs in Hiroshiman and Nagaski

  • China...Peoples republic of china under the command of Mao Zadong

  • Korea...North korea invaded south korea

  • China...Cultural Revolution

  • China..Mao Zadong dies

  • Korea..Chinese invaded Korea

  • China...Lived in small farming villages along th Huange River

  • Southeast Asia....rice farming established

  • China...Farming alone the Chang River