Ebooks evolve

Timeline created by Krys Murley
In History
  • first eBook in the world

    first eBook in the world
    In 1971, Michael S. Hart launched Project Gutenberg and digitized the U.S., becoming the first eBook in the world.
  • "expanded books" on CD-ROM

    "expanded books" on CD-ROM
    The Voyager Company was founded and published "expanded books" on CD-ROM
  • digital books on floppy disk

    digital books on floppy disk
    Digital Book Inc offered the first 50 digital books on floppy disk.
  • eBook readers launched

    eBook readers launched
    The first dedicated eBook readers were launched: Rocket Ebook and Softbook.
  • first ISBN obtained

    first ISBN obtained
    The first ISBN number was obtained for an eBook.
  • free eBooks to public

    free eBooks to public
    US Libraries began providing free eBooks to the public through their websites and associated services.
  • Google

    Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin.
  • Riding the Bullet

    Riding the Bullet
    Stephen King released his novella Riding the Bullet as a digital-only computer-readable file.
  • digital versions widespread

    digital versions widespread
    Random House and HarperCollins started to sell digital versions of their publications.
  • Kindle

    Amazon launched the Kindle eBook reader in the US.
  • Nook

    Barnes & Noble launched the Nook eBook reader.
  • eBook is King

    eBook is King
    eBook sales at Amazon outpaced paperback book sales in US.