Effects of the looking glass self on four sections in my life

Timeline created by Logan Barker
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    My Life To This Point

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  • Mass Media Early child hood

    I watched many shows when I was young these include Sesame street, Barney, and zumba or something like that
  • school early childhood

    I was in day care at this point so I had l alot of human interaction and got used to groups .
  • Family effect of early life

    When I was a kid my dad would let me listen to metel music when I was in the car with him and when we were in the house we would watch movies when my mom was gone. This affected how I saw my dad and my choose of music and movies.
  • Freinds Effect on birth to toddler

    In my early life I had a freind named jacob my mom had set up the freindship. This freind kind of taught me to interact with other beings my age. I never got to clos to that freind but I did learn alot from the experence.
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    Toddler-School age

  • Friend effect on early school

    This point in time is very important because it was the first time that I really choose my friends because before this others would group me but now I choose my friends.
  • School effect on beginning school

    I had 2 years of Preschool because i was not old enough yet to go into kindergarten so I was even more effected by school. As such I was very effected by this and know more than the other children.
  • Family effect on early

    My family still rised me like a mule I did my home work then my chores, had dinner then I would go to bed after maybe 10 minutes of playing with my friends.
  • Mass media effect on early childhood

    By this point I had all ready started to become a bit of a gamer and often played games on my gameboy which they still had and playsation 2 at home as well as playing with freinds on the games .
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    Elementry school

  • Family effect on elementary school

    In the summer of my second grade I was sent to summer school because of my slow math. My family sent me to summer school because they thought I could do better. Here is a great example of what my family values are. Along with this they taught me improtant things such as jeans macth everything and colors as well as how to take care of my siblings.
  • Friend Effect On Elementary

    On this date I got in a fight that largely effected how I see friends. I got in a fight with a friend of a friend and lost my friend because I beat the friend of that friend badly because he was hurting my friend and my friend joined in beating me after I had been trying to help him. After this I never trusted any one as atrue friend except Mason.
  • school effect on elemetary scool

    In elemetary school I for the first time start to think for myself and because of my 2 extra years of preschool I was ahead of most of my class and due to this I was some what smarter in some regardes but I was still not the smartest. As time bore on I have become what I am today because of the effect of school.
  • Mass media effect on middle school

    By this date i had pretty much been grounded from all eletronics so mass media was having a narrowing effect on my life therefore making my life devoid of 1 aspect of my socailzation.
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    Middle school through now

  • Middle School effect of School

    At this point in my life school plays little role due to it is either to far behind my knowlege or to far ahead for me to care. School plays an important role still because it is still teaching me things like better writing and others. One example of this is in 6th grade I got all A's without trying and the only thing I payed attension to was my friends.
  • Friend affect on Middle school

    In 7th grade me and my friend mason got into a fight and when it was over I was out one friend for the entire rest of the year. It toke one year for me to forgive him due to anger and he promised to to be a better friend.
  • Mass Media effect Now

    I have a tendensy to be grounded from every thing so i have not really been effected by media resently I dont listen to radio often and I can't watch tv because of grounding.
  • Family on middle school

    My family affects me by pushing me to do my best in everything. Something I still haven't seemed to learn despit how much they ground me. This shows how I currently see my parents as Hardworking, Trustworthy, and ( or least for my mom) Calm.