Elon Musk

Timeline created by MatthewCarter
  • Birth

    He was born in South Africa into a middle class house.
    His family wasn’t good to him and that is why he thinks he is so resilient.
  • School/bullies

    He constantly got physically beaten up because he was so smart. He didn’t give up his studies though and he kept working his hardest in school.
  • Canada

    He wanted to get out of Africa so when he was 18 he moved to Canada to start a new life. He planned to leave canada in the same year to allow him to make his dreams a reality.
  • US

    Later that year he moved to the US and that is where he has stayed up until now. He also started his first business here. (The picture was taken a week before his move to the US)
  • Zip2

    This was Musk’s first business. It failed but later it was bought by PayPal.
  • Wife

    Elon met his wife Justine in 2000. He later divorced because “He didn’t have enough time for a family” He later realized this was a grave mistake and remarried.
  • SpaceX

    Elon Musk's second business was Space X. Their goal is to transport people and goods to and from Mars. This is his most successful business. Musk says this is his greatest achievement.
  • Tesla

    His most recent business is Tesla, an electric car company. Their goal is to make a stylish, fast, long range electric car. He also holds this to be a great achievement.