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  • I was born.

    I was born in 1:25pm and it was also the first time I smiled.
  • First Laughed

    This was important to me because I will be doing it alot in the future.
  • My cat Cuddles

    I got my very first cat
  • I first clapped.

  • I first waved

  • My first word.

    My first word was Hello Nai (as in my sister Anais), Dad and Mum, then cat and boo.
  • I first walked

    I also first stood on the 6-3-99
  • My first birthday

  • I got my first dog Milly

  • A keyboard from my Grandad

    I got a keyboard from America that my Grandad got me.
  • I got a dress-up dress that my mum made

  • My first day at kinergarten

  • I got some carebear DVDs from my Mum and Dad

  • I met my Tamara for the first time

  • i got some fairy books and some bratz for my birthday that are very important to me

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  • I got my other dog Picasso

  • I got a bunch of beanie kids

  • I met Chloe and Jess

  • I got my Grandad's cat Mirabelle after he died

  • I got another dog Lotty

  • My birthday party where I beat the pinyata into pieces

  • I got my cat Piper

  • I got The Craft and The Covenent for christmas

    I got The Craft and The Covenent for christmas
  • Supernatural magazine from my sister

    Supernatural magazine from my sister
  • I met Tori

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