Energy Use

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  • Jan 1, 1300

    Hopi Indians Energy Use

    Hopi Indians Energy Use
    Hopi Indians use coal for cooking, heating, and firing pottery
  • Natives and Natural Gas

    Natives and Natural Gas
    French explorers discovered Native Americans burning gases that were seeping into and around Lake Erie.
  • Conductor Discovery

    Conductor Discovery
    Stephen Gray (England) distinguished between conductors and nonconductors of electrical charges.
  • Coal Mining

    Coal Mining
    Commercial coal mining starts.
  • First Electric Battery

    First Electric Battery
    Alessandro Volta (Italy) invented the first electric battery. The term volt is named in his honor.
  • U.S. Union Ethanol Tax

    U.S. Union Ethanol Tax
    The Union Congress put a $2 per gallon excise tax on ethanol to help pay for the Civil War. Before the Civil War, ethanol was a major illuminating oil in the United States. After the tax was imposed, the cost of ethanol increased too much to be used this way.
  • AC Invention

    AC Invention
    Nikola Tesla invented the electric alternator for producing alternating current (AC). Until this time, electricity had been generated using direct current (DC) from batteries.
  • X-Ray Discovery

    X-Ray Discovery
    Wilhelm Roentgen, a German physicist, discovered X-rays
  • Ethanol Automobile

    Ethanol Automobile
    Henry Ford built his first automobile, the quadricycle, to run on pure ethanol.
  • Nuclear Fission

    Nuclear Fission
    The process of splitting uranium atoms, called nuclear fission, was demonstrated by scientists Otto Hahn and Fritz Strassman (Germany).