Energy Use in USA

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  • US Coal Mining

    US Coal Mining
    Coal mining begins in the US. To this day there is still coal mining used for energy.
  • First Natural Gas

    First Natural Gas
    First natural gas well was drilled in West Virginia, where it was used for first time for salt manufacturing.
  • First Oil Well

    First Oil Well
    In Pennsylvania, the first oil well was drilled named Drake Well.
  • First Light Bulb

    First Light Bulb
    Thomas Edison creates first light bulb.
  • First Hydropower Plant

    First Hydropower Plant
    In Winconsin the first hydropower plant was installed in 1882. By 1889 there were 200 hydropower plants.
  • First Geothermal Energy

    First Geothermal Energy
    Firth geothermal test was succesful. It powered four lightbulbs.
  • First Wind Turbine

    First Wind Turbine
    Jacobs Brothers in Minneapolis created first wind turbine for farm use. They would be used for lighting or battery charging.
  • Solar Panel

    Solar Panel
    Bell Labs creates first modern silicon solar cell, which will be used in solar panels.
  • First Nuclear Plant

    First Nuclear Plant
    The first nuclear power plant in the US opened for commercial use for energy in Pennsylvania.
  • Energy Policy Act of 2005

    Energy Policy Act of 2005
    First important legislature passed to combat energy problems in US