English Classes

Timeline created by Josuke Higashikata
  • Natural Wonders

    Natural Wonders
    We talked about "Natural Wonders", and discussed which ones we find most beautiful or would like to visit.
  • Talking about exotic experiences

    Talking about exotic experiences
    We talked about exotic experiences and different places to visit.
  • Comparing different things

    Comparing different things
    We learned how to compare different things using adjectives. Like "John is taller than his friends"
  • Discussing enviromental problems

    Discussing enviromental problems
    We discussed environmental problems and how to solve them.
  • Learnig how to use “Much and Many”

    Learnig how to use “Much and Many”
    We learned how to use "Much and Many" and did exercises on it.
  • New Year resolutions

    New Year resolutions
    We talked about our New Year's resolutions, learning how to use adverbs by talking about them
  • Special Days

    Special Days
    We talked about special days and festivals. We did different activities related to this, including texts.