Erikson Timeline

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  • James is trusted with home maintenance.

    James is trusted with home maintenance.
    Erikson's 3rd Stage, Industry vs. Inferiority: James' parents need the trim painted around the house and asks for the job to earn chore money. This would be an example of "Industry"; as James (Age 12) is given permission by his parents and is outfitted with supplies to complete the task. This shows trust in his ability. If they are not confident in his ability and don't take the time to teach him how to properly complete the task, this would lead to "Inferiority" with James not feeling capable.
  • James is drafted to fight in the Vietnam War

    James is drafted to fight in the Vietnam War
    Erikson's 4th Stage, Identity vs. Role Confusion James (Age 18) is drafted to fight in the Vietnam War. He has been living in a rural area without much opportunity to engage in things that interest him. This is an example of "Role Confusion"; as James has not had much opportunity to express himself and is currently forced into a role he did not choose. A sense of "Identity" would be present if he was able to explore interests and social groups more freely to better develop a sense of self.
  • James decides to marry

    James decides to marry
    Erikson's 5th Stage, Intimacy and Solidarity vs. Isolation James (Age 30) struggled to develop meaningful relationships following his return home from the Vietnam War, but was able to find companionship with a woman who he works with. This is an example of "Intimacy" because James has committed to a relationship and continues to pursue knowing them and being known on a deep level. "Isolation" would occur if James chose to avoid connection and commitment with others on a deeper level.