Pacific Theater

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In History
  • Pearl Harbor

    Japan unprovoked attack on the U.S.
  • U.S Declares War On Japan

    FDR makes a speech to congress where he say "...a date that will live in infamy".
  • Germany Declares War On U.S

    Hitler allied with Japan and they hoped for help against USSR.
  • Doolittle Raid

    American bombs fall in Japan for the first time.
  • Battle Of Midway

    Turning point in the war with Japan.
  • Kasserine Pass

    First U.S battle against Germany (Bad Loss).
  • D-Day

    Allies land at Normandy, Liberation of France.
  • MacArthur Returns to Philippines

    Famous speech, " I Have Returned" .
  • Battle Of The Buldge

    Last German offensive. The allies won.
  • Iwo Jima

    Island captured by U.S. The marines raised the flag.
  • Atomic Bomb Dropped

    Over 120,000 die at Hiroshima.
  • V-J Day

    WW 2 end in Japan.