Events In Pacific Northwest History

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In History
  • Lewis and Clark expedition

    Lewis and Clark expedition
    An exploration that started in 1804 to 1806 that allowed people to travel and trade using the newly found resources. This allowed people to get more supplies and more land.
  • The Oregon Trail

    The Oregon Trail
    This trail was mosly used in the 1840's and there were many people involved including an estimated 500,000 pioneers. It is the reason why people were abale to get over to the west coast.
  • William Boeing

    William Boeing
    Founded the Boeing company in 1916. The company took off at the beginning of WW2, The result of this company helped many of the US troops in the war and let us have most of the planes we have today.
  • Seattle Fire

    Seattle Fire
    A fire that destroyed 29 city blocks and 10 brick buildings. This resulted a rebuilding of the city that was more "fireproof."
  • Centralia Massacre

    Centralia Massacre
    The massacre was caused by labor unrest and happened to make people change the ways workers were treated. This event caused national media and people around the world relalize that they need to change the way that workers were treated.