Events Leading To The Civil War

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  • Wilmot Proviso

    The Government Tried To Prohibit Slavery The Mexican Cession Territory. Admission Of California As A Free State !
    Henry Clay Was Asked To Write The Compromise Of 1850 !
  • Compromise Of 1850

    California, Free State !
    Kept both sides satisfied !!
  • Uncle Toms Cabin

    A Book About Slavery.
    wanted to put an end to slavery and made he north actually realize what was really happening in the south.
  • Kansa-Nebraska Act

    Passed To Try And Solve The Problem Of Slavery In The Western Territories In 1854.
  • Bleeding Kansas

    Many People Had Died Becausee Of The Anti-Slavery Issue!
  • Dred Scott Decision

    Dred Scott Sued For His Freedom .
    Court Said African Americans Were Not Slaves And Could Not Sue .
    Slaves Were Property
  • Lincoln-Douglass Debates

    Abraham Lincoln & Stephen A. Douglass Both Ran For Senator Of Illinois .
    Known As The Lincoln-Douglss Debates.
    Lincol Says That Slavery Was Wrong But, Legal, Shouldn't Be Expanded .
    Lincoln Lost, Douglass Won, But, Lincoln Became Nationally Famous .
  • Harpers Ferry

    Raid On Harpers Ferry In 1859 .
    John Brown Seized The Federal Arsenal .
    John Brown Became A Hero (Martyr) In Slavery.
  • Election Of 1860

    By The Section Or Area Of The Country In Which They Lived In .
    Lincoln Promised To Not Let Slavery Spread Into The New Territories .
    The South Seceded As Soon As Lincoln Was Elected .
    Formed Confederate Sates Of America !
  • Fort Sumter

    Lincoln Notified Jefferson Davis That He Was Sending Supplies To Fort Sumter.
    South Opened Fire And The Union Had To Surrender .