evolution of architecture

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In History
  • 3,100 BCE

    Egyptian architecture

    Egyptian architecture
    The most original constructions were the Complexes of the pyramids, the temples and the tombs
  • 3,000 BCE

    Prehistoric architecture

    Prehistoric architecture
    the first constructions were the cabin, caverns, terramares and stilt houses.
  • -509 BCE

    Roman architecture.

    they not only built barrel vaults and domes, but rudimentary groin and rib vaults
  • -476 BCE

    Mesopotamia architecture.

    Mesopotamia architecture.
    if they built without mortar, and the building was no longer safe or did not fulfill its task, it was demolished and rebuilt on the same site.
  • 1510

    Gothic architecture.

    Gothic architecture originated in Normandy and on the island of France
  • Baroque architecture.

    what was built was palaces, religious, urban planning, large gardens and galleries
  • Modern architecture

    new materials such as steel and reinforced concrete were used