Evolution of Cars

Timeline created by kPatel348
  • First car was invented

    First car was invented
    Around 1885, Karl Benz came up with the first gas-powered vehicle.
  • Model T

    Model T
    In 1908 henry Ford comes up with his Model T which barely yet first starts to resemble what we have today.
  • Turn Signals

    Turn Signals
    The first turn signals were added around 1939 by Buick, after the first cars with air-conditioning and electric windows
  • Airbags

    In 1973 Oldsmobile installed the first passenger airbag into their "Toronado" model. Soon, governments asked every passenger vehicle to have an airbag.
  • Now

    Now we have GPS, Bluetooth, MP3 player, advanced safety systems, electric doors, and we're still going.
  • Period: to

    More Resemblance to Today

    Now cars start getting fancier and start resembling cars today even more with power steering, cruise control, three-point seatbelts, and heated seats.
  • Period: to

    Extra features

    Around this time, keyless entry systems, sunroofs, CD players started gaining popularity.