Fashion Evolution Through The Years.

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  • 1910

    The Industrial Revolution and World War I made an impact on fashion during this decade. Corset was worn and silhouette was exaggerated.
  • 1920

    Fashion at this time represented the fun and freedom that existed after the war. Loose dresses, low heels, hats, and fringes predominated. The corset was discontinued and the hem reached above the ankle.
  • 1930

    World War II completely changed fashion. Women took care not only of the houses, but of the businesses, and this led them to wear pants. Austerity and dark colors defined this fashion period.
  • 1940

    After the war ended, the women wanted to look glamorous again.
    Bright colors and excess fabrics returned. The hem was below the knee.
  • 1950

    I begin American consumerism and ready to wear. Pastel colors, long skirts and leather jackets were used. Femininity predominated in all the designs of that time.
  • 1960

    The feminist and flower power movements had a great impact on fashion, since the miniskirt was born and there was an explosion of colors. Flared pants and cotton fabrics predominated during this decade. The clothing was based on creativity and originality.
  • 1970

    It was the disco era. Synthetic fabrics like lycra and platform shoes spearheaded fashion in the 1970s. The psychedelic look is created and the use of the prints predominates.
  • 1980

    This era was characterized by rebellious fashion and disco inspiration; shoulder pads, sequins and leather stood out. Denim became an icon and everyone used it, not just the workers as they used to be.
  • 1990

    It was the era of supermodels and grunge style. Converse and t-shirts predominated at this time when the look was sloppy and untidy.
  • 2000

    Pop culture and the cult of celebrities is what influenced fashion most during this time. Low waist pants and skirts were used, as well as glitter and denim. Could be considered one of the worst times for fashion.
  • 2010

    Fast fashion is what currently dominates. There are no longer two collections a year as before, but there are six mini collections. Mass production has reached another level.