F. Scott Fitzgerald

Timeline created by Joshmayer22
  • Birth of F. Scott Fitzgerald

    Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota
  • Joining the army

    Fitzgerald joined the army after being put on academic probation from Princeton.
  • Being assigned to a camp

    In June he was assigned to Camp Sheridan where he met his future wife Zelda
  • Quitting his job

    Fitzgerald quit his job so he could focus on writing
  • Publication that made him famous.

    Publication that made him famous.
    The publication of This Side of Paradise made him famous almost overnight.
  • Getting married

    Getting married
    Fitzgerald married his girlfriend Zelda.
  • Zelda becomes pregnant

    Zelda became pregnant while on their trip to Europe
  • Birth of child

    Birth of child
    Fitzgerald and Zelda had a daughter named Frances Scott Fitzgerald
  • The publishing of his most famous book

    The publishing of his most famous book
    Fitzgerald’s most famous book was published title The Great Gatsby.
  • Zeldas bad health

    In April Zelda suffered her first breakdown
  • Death of F. Scott Fitzgerald

    He died at the age of 44 in Hollywood, California.
  • Death of Zelda

    Zelda died in a fire at a hospital about 8 years after Fitzgerald died.