Famoust Scientists

Timeline created by Hasanti
  • Gregor Mendel

    Gregor Mendel
    Test crossed pea plants in his backyard to see the gene inheritance. Found out about the ways the genes are inherited by offsprings. He discovered gene inheritance.
  • William Bateson and Reginald Punnet

    William Bateson and Reginald Punnet
    Crossed double heterozygous plants (PpLl x PpLl), because they wanted to see how the genes would be passed down. Discovered gene inheritance pattern and found out how dominant and recessive alleles segregated. They also found a little about linked genes and how they are passed down.
  • Thomas Hunt Morgan

    Thomas Hunt Morgan
    Conducted experiments to demonstraste the effects of crossing over. He found out what recombination frequency was and how crossing over created gamete diversity.
  • Archibald Garrod

    Archibald Garrod
    Observed inherited diseases like alkaptonuria to try and prove his hypothesis. Discovered the relationship between genes and proteins.
  • Fredrick Griffith

    Fredrick Griffith
    Injected mice with four bacterias. Healthy dose, lethal dose, heated lethal dose, and mix of heated lethal dose and healthy dose. The lethal mix killed the mice and so did the mix of the normal dose and the heated lethal dose. The other two didn't kill the mice. Discovered pethogenicity and how it transforms cells.
  • Beadle and Tatum

    Beadle and Tatum
    Worked with fruit flies in laboratory. Observed how traits, like eye color, are inherited. Figured out what specific genes do and their chemical reactions.
  • Erwin Chargaff

    Erwin Chargaff
    Studied adenine, guanine, thymine, and cytosine using DNA materials. He took samples of DNA from different cells. He realized the base pairing rules. Adenine is equal to the amount of thymine and cytosine is equal to the amount of guanine.
  • Alfred Hershey and Martha Chase

    Alfred Hershey and Martha Chase
    Studied strands of orange mold that wouldn't grow on normal smell growth medicine and gave it a different growth medicine. Discovered the function of individual genes is specific to the production of a specific enzyme.
  • Maurice Wilkins and Rosalind Franklin

    Maurice Wilkins and Rosalind Franklin
    They crystalized the DNA so they could take and x-ray of the DNA to see how it works. Discovered it was a double helix by looking at the top and seeing an x shape.
  • James Watson and Francis Crick

    James Watson and Francis Crick
    Tried to put together a model of DNA using Franklin and Wilkin's x-rays. Discovered that Thymine base was paired with the opposite, Adenine and Cytosine base was always paired with its opposite, Guanine. Found out they were bonded with hydrogen bonds.
  • Marshall Nirenberg

    Marshall Nirenberg
    Created RNA molecule made up of only Uracil. Then added the RNA into a cell and the result was a radioactive protein. He untagled the genetic code of DNA.