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In History
  • Benjamin Thompson

    Benjamin Thompson
    Benjamin Thompson was the first person to label nutrition as a science. Also, the "Rumford Kitchen" at the Chicago World Fair was named after him.
  • Catherine Beecher

    Catherine Beecher
    Catherine Beecher wrote "A treatise on Domestic Economy"- The first FACS textbook recognized by the department of education
  • Morrill Act of 1862

    Morrill Act of 1862
    First Morrill Act of the U.S congress that provided grants of land to states to finance the establishment of colleges specializing in agriculture and the mechanic arts.
  • Land Grant Universites in Arkansas

    Land Grant Universites in Arkansas
    After the Morrill Acts of 1862 and 1890, two land grant universities opened in Arkansas. The University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, and Pine Bluff
  • MIT

    Ellen S. Richards graduates from MIT
  • W.O. Atwater

    W.O. Atwater
    Atwater was also known as the "Father of Nutrition." He got his PhD in chemistry at Yale.
  • The Rumford Kitchen

    The Rumford Kitchen
    This was organized by Ellen Richards and name after Count Rumford. This was designed to show the pros of using science and nutrition to enjoy daily meals.
  • Beginnings of School Lunch Programs

    In 1894, Ellen Richards started the beginning of the School Lunch Programs
  • Lake Placid Conference

    Lake Placid Conference
    Eleven leaders gathered in Lake Placid, N.Y. Where they decided to name the new study, "Home Economics"
  • C.F. Langworthy

    Langworthy was the co-editor of the Journal of Home Economics. Also, he studied the chemical composition of food.
  • Martha Renssealer

    Martha Renssealer
    Renssealer was the President AAFCS. Also, she attended the Lake Placid Conference.
  • Carolyn Hunt

    Carolyn Hunt
    Hunt conducted two important studies of immigrant and ethnic populations in Chicago. Also, she worked with W.O. Atwaters.
  • Smith Lever Act of 1914

    The Smith Lever Act of 1914 created Cooperative Extension Service including FACS
  • Smith Lever Act of 1917

    The Smith Lever Act of 1917 established FACS as part Vocational (CTE) Program
  • Vocation Education Act of 1963

    The Vocation Education Act of 1963 supported the Smith-Hughes Act and the Smith-Lever Act by helping vocational education schools with work study programs and research.
  • Vocation Amendment of 1968

    The Vocation Amendment of 1968 developed the National Advisory Council on Vocational Education. Also, it helped with funding for Home Economics education
  • Vocational Amendment Act of 1976

    The Vocational Amendment Act of 1976, was just a revision of the Vocational Amendment of 1963. It as well supported the department of Home Economics
  • Carl Perkins Act

    The Carl Perkins Act authorizes federal funds to support vocational education programs.
  • UCA

    In August of 1994, UCA decided to change their name from Home Economics to FACS
  • New Name for the Profession

    In June of 1994, the American Home Economics Association voted to change the name of the profession to Family and Consumer Science