Flags of Mexico

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In History
  • 1535

    Flag of New Spain

    Flag of New Spain
    During the Viceroyalty of New Spain the first antecedent of something used as a national flag occurs
  • Flag of Higalgo

    Flag of Higalgo
    the War of Independence that the priest Miguel Hidalgo used a flag of the Insurgent Army, which was a canvas of the Virgin of Guadalupe
  • Flag of Morelos

    Flag of Morelos
    the flag is a blue rectangle, which had in the center an eagle with a crown, which was prostrated on a cactus on top of a three-arched bridge.
  • Trigarante Flag

    Trigarante Flag
    the flag used to be used During the Plan of Iguala, the Trigarante flag consisted of three diagonal bars of white, green and red (in that order).
  • flag of the first mexican empire

    flag of the first mexican empire
    The Flag of the Empire of Iturbide, is the tricolor Flag of the first Mexican government.
  • First republic of mexico

    First republic of mexico
    The Flag used during the First Republic was adopted on April 14, 1823, the only difference with its predecessor was in the national coat of arms.
  • flag of the second mexican empire

    flag of the second mexican empire
    the flag was used during the Maximilian Empire in the territories that were under his power. It had a more European look
  • porfirista flag

    porfirista flag
    The four corner eagles were removed and the eagle (without crown) was shown in the center, devouring a snake.
  • Carranza flag

    Carranza flag
    The flag was made to break the Porfirio Díaz regime, President Venustiano Carranza made some changes. The eagle was shown in profile, which made reference to the Republic
  • Flag of 1934

    Flag of 1934
    the legislation for the Patriotic Symbols was first established. Here the design of the National Shield was renewed,
  • Institutional flag

    Institutional flag
    the national flag has been used since 1964 by national decree