Forensic Accomplishments

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  • 1200

    13th Century China

    13th Century China
    a crime was solved using evidence from insects
  • Mathieu Orfila

    Mathieu Orfila
    "Father of Forensic Toxicology"
    Orfila worked to make chemical analysis part of forensic investigation
  • William Herschel

    William Herschel
    Herschel used thumbprint evidence to identify individuals from India
  • Alphonse Bertillon

    Alphonse Bertillon
    "Father of Identification"
    Bertillon developed anthropometry, this uses body measurements to identify people
  • Henry Faulds

    Henry Faulds
    Faulds used fingerprints to prove a suspect innocent in a burglary case
  • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

    Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
    Doyle published the first "CSI" novel (Sherlock Holmes), this made science crime-fighting popular
  • Francis Galton

    Francis Galton
    Galton conducted the first definitive study of fingerprints and the classification of them, this showed their uniqueness
  • Hans Gross

    Hans Gross
    Gross published the first paper detailing the implementation of the scientific principles, he published "Criminal Investigation"
  • Karl Landsteiner

    Karl Landsteiner
    Landsteiner received the Nobel prize for discovering the types of blood groups (ABO)
  • Edmond Locard

    Edmond Locard
    integrated Gross' studies and finding into a workable crime lab, Locard became the director and founder of and institute for criminalistics
  • Albert S. Osborn

    Albert S. Osborn
    Osborn published "Question Documents" and he developed the fundamental ideas and principle about document examination
  • Leone Lattes

    Leone Lattes
    Lattes made a method for identifying blood type from dried blood
  • August Vollmer

    August Vollmer
    Vollmer established the first crime lab in the U.S.
  • Calvin Goddard

    Calvin Goddard
    Goddard developed the first comparison microscope (a microscope that shows two sample side-by-side), this microscope was first analyzed to identify bullet types