French Revolutions

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  • Tennis Court Oath

    Tennis Court Oath
    The members of the Tennis Court Oath all vowed to not leave the tennis court until the constitution was written.
  • Fall of Bastille

    Fall of Bastille
    A French mob formed in Bastille, a castle used as a prison, and the mob freed all of the prisoners. This is one of their first steps towards democracy.
  • "Great Fear"

    "Great Fear"
    The "Great Fear" occured from July 20,1989 until August 5, 1989. Peasants were upset because the shortage of grains and as a result they armed themselves and attacked the houses of the rich.
  • The Declaration of the Rights of Man

    The Declaration of the Rights of Man
    This declaration declared that absolutism was no longer acceptable and that the new government would be based on the life, liberty, and happiness. This later on was adopted by the U.S and put in our Declaration of Independence.
  • Women march on Versailles

    Women march on Versailles
    Women were fed up with the fact that they couldn't afford bread or wheat so a group og 60 women formed a mob and went to Versailles and kidnapped King Louis XVI and Marie Antionette and forced them to live with the people in Paris.
  • Civil Constitution of Clergy

    Civil Constitution of Clergy
    This was passed by the National Assembly and their aim was to seperate the church from the state. The problem is that the clergy members has to give oath to the state but they couldn't do that because they already gave oath to the Pope.
  • The Royal Escape

    The Royal Escape
    King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette and their family planned an escape to Austria because they wanted to figure out a way for him to rule France again but he got caught in Varennes, a town near the french border. This led to the exectution of the royal family.
  • Declaration of Pillnitz

    Declaration of Pillnitz
    The Austrians threatened to declare war on France if they hurt the royal family in anyway. As a result France declared war on Austria.
  • Constitution of 1791

    Constitution of 1791
    This Constitution was first written in 1789 and it was finished on September 3rd 1791, this consitution ended the monarchy government.
  • Creation of the National Convetion

    Creation of the National Convetion
    The job of the National Convention was to provide a new constitution for France since they now didn't have one because they overthrew monarchy. Also they had to formally abolish the monarch and formally build a republic. The National Convetion was made up of about 700 men. The men varied from business men to tradesmen.
  • Execution of a monarch

    Execution of a monarch
    King Louis XVI was found guilty for treason so the National Convention decided to execute him and his family which gave France a clean slate and start over with a new government
  • Reign of Terror begins

    Reign of Terror begins
    The Committee of Safety was created to preserve the new constitution, this committee was led my Robespierre and overtime Robespierre became a tyrant with his new power and he executed anyone who was against him.
  • Reign of Terror begins

    Reign of Terror begins
    The Reign of Terror began once Robespierre became the leader of the Committee of Safety, their job was to basically kill anyone who was against the revolution. Having this kind of power made Robespierre behead people for reasons like choosing the wrong wine and accusing them of doing it on purpose.
  • Death of Robespierre & End of the Terror

    Death of Robespierre & End of the Terror
    After the death of Louis XVI, Robespierre created the Committee of Public Safety. This committee's original intent was to keep the public from doing anything like attempt to become king but this quickly led to the members of this committee executing anyone who didn't agree with them. Eventually Robespierre was beheaded in July 1794
  • Constitution of 1795

    Constitution of 1795
    This constitution allowed France to have a constitutional monarch, the king couldn't just make the rules anymore the rules had to be approved by Parliament.
  • Creation of Directory

    Creation of Directory
    The Directory was France's executive prower from 1795- 1799. This group was made up of 5 members. Eventually the group fell apart when each of the members started arguing and a two men, Paul Barras and Abbe Sieyes, plotted with Napoleon to overthrow the other 3 members.
  • Concordat of 1801

    Concordat of 1801
    An agreement between Napoleon Bonaparte and Pope Puis VIII which brought the Roman Catholic Church back to France
  • Napoleon becomes Consulate

    Napoleon becomes Consulate
    Since the Directory fell apart France created the Consolate and as the first consul Napoleon established an autocratic government which made him the most powerful man in France. Basically this made him an absolute ruler.
  • Coronation of an Emperor

    Coronation of an Emperor
    This marked the beginning of the first empire in France. It took place in the Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris, Napoleon paid Pope Pius VII to come to the event but he didn't allow him to crown him or his empress istead he crowned himself.
  • Battle of Trafalgar

    Battle of Trafalgar
    Napoleon wanted to invade England but first he needed Admiral Villeneuve to bring the French and Spanish armies together so the invasion could commence. On the British side Admiral Nelson was planning an attack on Villeneuve's ships. Eventually in the end Napoleon never got to invade England and Nelson was shot and died.
  • Battle of Austerlitz

    Battle of Austerlitz
    This battle is one of Napoleons greatest victories. Napoleon was angry that the british troops didn't evactuate the island of Malta and England was angry that they had to give up their colonies. Napoleon had an army of 72,000 people against The Coalitions army of 85,000 people. This is his greatest victory.
  • Invasion of Spain

    Invasion of Spain
    Napoleon was trying to invade Portugal in 1808. Spain was originally Napoleons ally but while he was sending troops to Portugal through Spain he also got rid of their monarch so he could make his brother king.
    Spain then allied with England. At first the spanish lost and the british was chased out of Spain but eventually England allied with Portugal and they invaded Spain. The spanish army was still fighting and this combination made France leave Spain.
  • Invasion of Russia

    Invasion of Russia
    Napoleon wanted to invade Russia because he wanted to basically rule all of Europe and Russia was the last country to invade. But the Russians fled the country and they took everything with them basically leaving the French army in Russia starving in winter.
  • Exile to Elba

    Exile to Elba
    The Coalition exiled Napoleon to Elba because he was considered to be a threat to the peace of Europe and they didn't want him to rule the country
  • "Hundred Days"

    "Hundred Days"
    March 20th,1815- July 8th 1815
    This is also known as Napoleons last 100 days as Emperor of France.
    After Napoleon escaped from Elba, Louis XVIII fled from France and Napoleon was Emperor once again but then he lost it again in the Battle of Waterloo and was exiled to the Island of St. Helena.
  • Battle of Waterloo

    Battle of Waterloo
    Napoleon had escaped from the island of Elba and was trying to build up his empire again.Napoleon was fighting Seventh Coalition (United Kingdom,Prussia, United Netherlands,Hanover,Nassau,Brunswick). Napoleon lost and then was exiled to the Island of St. Helena.
  • Congress of Vienna

    Congress of Vienna
    The Congress of Vienna was created to bring back the old government, before the French Revolution. So they brought Louis XVIII to France to become king and they wanted to lessen France's power to keep it from trying to invade other countries so they combines some countries together but their main goal was to bring back the monarch.