Genetics Timeline

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  • Gregor Mendel

    Gregor Mendel
    Experiments with pea plants resulted in the discovery of inheritance traits.
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    Discoveries in Genetics

  • William Bateson & Reginald Punnett

    William Bateson & Reginald Punnett
    Their examinations and observations of the chromosomes of flowers enabled them to discover that genes that are close together are located on the same chromosome.
  • Thomas Hunt Morgan

    Thomas Hunt Morgan
    His experimentation with the common fruit fly lead to the discovery of gene mapping and recombination frequency.
  • Archibald Garrod

    Archibald Garrod
    His observations of inherited diseases allowed him to discover that it reflects a person's inability to make a particular enzyme-"inborn errors of metabolism."
  • Frederick Griffith

    Frederick Griffith
    Used lab mice as his test subjects with two different strains of pneumonia and discovered transformation when certain results did not reflect the expected outcome.
  • George Beadle & Edward Tatum

    George Beadle & Edward Tatum
    They studed strains of mold that were unable to grow on the usual simple growth medium and as a result found that the funtion of an individual gene is to dictate the production of a specific enzyme.
  • Alfred Hershey & Martha Chase

    Alfred Hershey & Martha Chase
    They used bacteriophage composed only of DNA and proteins; they then tagged the DNA with radioactive phosphorous and the proteins with radioactive sulfur. It was then determined that the DNA was the genetic material.
  • Maurice Wilkins & Rosalind Franklin

    Maurice Wilkins & Rosalind Franklin
    Rosalind Franklin, the lesser to Maurice Wilkins, took an x-ray crystallographic photograph of DNA, noticing that it was a helix of some sort.
  • James Watson & Francis Crick

    James Watson & Francis Crick
    The pair used wire models of nucleotides and constructed DNA by following what was known about DNA at the time as well as Rosalind Franklin's photo of the helix. They then determined that DNA was a double helix made of two polynucleotide strands.
  • Marsall Nirenberg

    Marsall Nirenberg
    He synthesized an artificial RNA molecule by linking together identical RNA nucleotides having uracil as their base and found that it could only contain one type of triplet codon: UUU.