George washington

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  • Birth

    He was born at Pope's Creek, Westmoreland County, Virginia
  • Education

    George Washington never really had a formal education after his father died his family didn't have a lot of money to pay for school
  • John Parke Custis Birth

    John Parke Custis Birth
    He is one of the two step kids of George Washington. he was the oldest
  • Martha Parke Custis Birth

    Martha Parke Custis Birth
    She was the second step kid of George Washington and the youngest
  • Jobs before President

    Jobs before President
    He was a surveyor. where he lived he became the head surveyor at the age of seventeen. He basically taught himself how to do surveying with very little help.
  • Children

    Washington did not have any children of his own but he had two-step children Martha had with her previous husband
  • Marriage

    He married Martha Dandridge Custis who was widowed. she had four kids with her previous husband but two died at childbirth
  • Military

    He served from 1769-1799. He was a general and commander. he served on both sides. In the French and Indian War he served on the British side and in the Revolutionary War he served on the American side.
  • His Natural hair color

    His Natural hair color
    He was a redhead before he powdered his hair
  • Martha Parke Custis Death

    Martha Parke Custis Death
    She died at the age of 17
  • Government postions

    Government postions
    He was in the House of Burgess and a delegate in the Continental Congress
  • Whiskey Producers

    Whiskey Producers
    George Washington was one of the largest whiskey producers he almost produced 11,000 gallons of whiskey that is roughly $7,500 but today is roughly $120,000
  • John Parke Custis Death

    John Parke Custis Death
    he died at the age of 27
  • Political Party

    Political Party
    He is the only president that did not have a party because he thought it would hurt the government.
  • New Dog Breed

    New Dog Breed
    George washing helped created the dog breed American Foxhound
  • Judiciary Act

    Judiciary Act
    this law established the judicial branch of our government
  • Date elected in to office

    Date elected in to office
    George Washington unanimously voted the president twice. He was elected at the convention when they were changing the government. He took the oath in New York City.
  • Vice President

    Vice President
    His vice president was John Adams. John Adams is also the 2 president
  • Residence Act

    Residence Act
    Wher the government be permanently seated and placed
  • Copyright Act

    Copyright Act
    It put limits on author from printing, copying, and selling
  • Tax on Whiskey

    Tax on Whiskey
    it was created to help pay the debt they owned form the Revolutionary War because America owned a lot of money to people
  • Bank Act

    Bank Act
    to serve as a repository for federal funds and as the government's fiscal agent. to have somewhere to keep the money from the taxes they collected
  • Coinage Act

    Coinage Act
    The law was passed so everyone had the same money unit and it was all in coins it is also known as the Mint Act
  • Slave Trade Act

    Slave Trade Act
    banned the importation of slaves into any port or place within the jurisdiction of the United States from any foreign kingdom, place, or country
  • Naval Act

    Naval Act
    a national navy that could protect U.S. commercial vessels from attacks by Barbary pirates in the Mediterranean and nearby Atlantic waters.
  • Date left office

    Date left office
    George Washington left office on March 4, 1797, he served one full term and 3/4 of a term
  • Washington retired to

    Washington retired to
    After his presidency, he moved back to his family's mansion in Mont Vernon, Virginia and he died there as well
  • Soup Of The Day

    Soup Of The Day
    George Washington favorite soup was peanut soup he wanted to eat it every day if he could he loved it so much
  • Washington is Dead

    Washington is Dead
    He died from a throat infection on December 12, 1799
  • Washington is Buried

    Washington is Buried
    He is buried in Mount Vernon Virginia in his family vault. he died at the age of 69