Gwen Jacob

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  • Gwen Jacob Charged With Indecency

    Nineteen-year-old Gwen Jacob is charged with indecency after walking topless through the city of Guelph. This was the second day she walked home topless during a very hot summer day. The police acted upon a complaint from a mother who was concerned that Jacob's act would have a negative impact on her children.
  • Jacob Convicted For Indecency

    In 1992, Jacob is convicted of Indecency by a trial judge. This decision is also affirmed by a judge sitting in Ontario's summary conviction appeal court.
  • Topless Protesters Not Guilty

    Five women are found not guilty for baring their breasts during a topless protest in Waterloo Park in July 1992. A judge rules that their action was not indecent.
  • Jacob's Indecency Conviction Reversed

    The Ontario Court of Appeal reverses Jacob's 1991 conviction for indecency, reasoning that she had not performed an indecent act by walking topless in the city of Guelph on a hot summer day.
  • CTV News Broadcast

    CTV airs a news report on the controversy surrounding the issue of women exposing their breasts in public. Images of bare-breasted women shown in the news report generates two complaints to the Canadian Standards Broadcast Council.
  • CTV News Broadcast Decision Made

    The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council (Ontario Regional Council) finds that the coverage of the topless issue by CTV was acceptable and justified.
  • Women Organize Top Freedom Day Of Pride

    Almost 20 years after Gwen Jacob's initial topless walk through the streets of Guelph, people still gather to celebrate her legal victory and to further the cause. One such event, called the Top Freedom Day Of Pride, is held in Guelph.