Gwendolyn Bennett

Timeline created by Zhania Smith-James
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  • Early life

    Early life
    Gwendolyn Bennett was born July 8,1902
  • First poem

    First poem
    Her poem "Nocturne" was published in Crisis in November 1923
  • Education

    She attended Colombia University's Teaching college, transferred and graduated from Pratt Institute in 1924
  • Education

    In 1925 she continued her fine arts education at Academic Julian & Ecole du Pantheon in Paris
  • Destroyed work

    In 1926 most of her pieces were destroyed in a fire at her stepmother's home
  • Marriage

    1927 she married Dr.Alfred Joseph Jackson
  • Magazine column

    1926-1928 she was releasing a monthly column The Ebony Flute in the Opportunity magazine
  • Beginning her Career

    Beginning her Career
    In 1935 she entered the Harlem Artists Guild
  • Widow & Remarried

    1936 her husband died, remarried in 1940 to a teacher Richard Crosscup
  • Took over

    Took over
    From 1937-1944 Bennett was the head of the Harlem Community Art Center
  • Moved

    1968 she moved to Pennsylvania with her husband and opened an antique shop
  • Death

    On May 30,1981 Gwendolyn Bennett dies of heart failure