Harlem Renaissance

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  • The end of reconstruction

    The end of reconstruction
    Hayes withdrew the last federal troops from the south effectively ending reconstruction
  • Jim Crow laws

    Jim Crow laws
    The Jim crow laws started after the end of reconstruction to help enforce racial segregation in the American south
  • The great migration

    The great migration
    Between 1890-1920 nearly 2 million African Americans migrated from their southern states to the Northern to find a better life and get away from discrimination
  • Harlem is the final spot

    Harlem is the final spot
    Harlem which was founded by well to do whites but as former slaves and immigrants moved north, they settled in this neighborhood
  • The creation of NAACP

    The creation of NAACP
    The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People was founded
  • Protests

    About 12,000 African Americans participate in the silent protest parade, they marched down the 5th avenue in silent protest against violence African Americans. This was sparked after riots killed in St. Louis
  • Marcus Garvey

    Marcus Garvey
    Marcus Garvey arrived in Harlem and found the united negro improvement association. In 1918 Marcus started publishing with his work the new negro
  • Langston Hughes Jumps into the Harlem Renaissance

    Langston Hughes Jumps into the Harlem Renaissance
    In 1921 Langston Hughes returned to the U.S. and he started studying at Columbia University where he became a part of the bustling Harlem Renaissance
  • The cotton Club opened

    The cotton Club opened
    The Cotton Club was opened in the heart of Harlem by a white new york gangster Owney Madden. Madden used the club to seel his prohibition beer to his crowd. The club was a white client only place, it was decorated to look like a plantation style. Famous people like Duke Ellington performed at the club
  • The New Negro Movement

    The New Negro Movement
    Alan Locke wrote Harlem the Mecca of the New Negro Movement this helped continue the Movement and the Harlem Renaissance
  • Louis Armstrong starts his Jazz career

    Louis Armstrong starts his Jazz career
    In 1927 Louis Armstrong started his Jazz career
  • The Harlem Riot

    The Harlem Riot
    It was a riot that started in a Manhatten neighborhood of Harlem it started after Lino Rivera, a 16-year-old black Puerto Rican, was caught stealing a penknife from the S.H. Kress dime store a crowd formed outside and the owner told the police that they let him go and they agreed. The crowd didn't know so they thought the police killed him so they started a riot
  • The last piece of the Renaissance

    The last piece of the Renaissance
    African American Author Zora Neil Hurston published their novel Their Eyes were watching God. This is considered the last novel of the Harlem Renaissance