Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Timeline created by Doha
  • Strange things started to occur

    Strange things began to occur in the Dursley family. Owls would appear much more often, many people would dress in cloacks, and people were acting strange. What could this mean? The Dursleys were confused!!! Could this have something to do with the unknown Potter family?!?!
  • Period: to

    The stages of Harry Potter's magical life

    From when he was born to ending his first year at Hogwarts, School of Whitchcraft.
  • Voldemort killed Harry's parents

    Voldemort ( The One Who Must Not Be Named ) a wizard who has left the world of good, killed Harry's parents one night. He tried to kill Harry as well, but he couldn't. Harry was only a year old and Voldemort couldn't kill him. His powers vanished. That is how Harry Potter got his lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead. That is how Harry Potter also became famous.
  • Harry goes to live with the Dursleys

    Harry Potter at the age of one, is forced to go live with his aunt and uncle and their chubby son, Dudley. Hagrid, a giant gamekeeper, brought Harry to the Dursley's house and set him upon their doorstep.
  • Mysterious letters kept appearing

    Everyday, a load of letters addresed to Harry were delivered through the crack of the door. The Dursleys took them all away and didn't let Harry read them. More and more kept coming for the reccuring of about 12 days. Mr. Dursley went crazy and did many shocking things like give Harry a new place to sleep. ( Dudley's toy room.)
  • Hagrid's shocking appearence

    Mr. Dursley went so crazy abot the mysterious letters that kept arriving that he decided to take them all on a trip to a random place in the middle of nowhere. He thought that the letters wouldn't be able to reach them there. How wrong he was. One early morning, a giant appeared out of the door. He came to take Harry away from the Dursleys and talk to them about the letter. The letter was about the Hogwarts school and Harry shockingly found out that he was a wizard.
  • Harry relizes that his life couldn't get any worse

    Ten years past by ever since he was left on the Dursley's doorstep. Life was horrible for him. The Dursley's gave him a a place to sleep in a small cupoard. He barely got fed and wasn't allowed to ask questions. For his birthday, he recieved an old sock. The Dursleys lied to him evertime he asked about his scar and where his patrents are. They told him that his parents died in a car crash and he got the scar from it as well. That wasn't the real truth.
  • Harry catches the train to Hogwarts

    Harry arrives at the train station to go to his new school: Hogwarts School of Wizardry. He has to go throught the middle of platform nine and platform ten and straight towowards a sign and walk into it. Then he sees the train called Hogwarts Express. He meets many people along the way and all he hears is : " Are you really the Harry Potter???"
  • Harry, Ron, and Hermione investigate

    Harry and his two friends: Ron and Hermione snuck away various nights to explore the school. During these risky adventures, they notice some very mysterious events and voices. they came to a conclusion of the Philosepher's Stone. They thought it was Snape who was trying to steal it but how wrong they were!!! They were caught a few times, but mostly managed to stay out of trouble.
  • Voldemoret tries to capture the Philosepher's stone

    Voldemoret lost all his powers when he was unable to defeat Harry at the age of one. Voldemort joined Proffeseur Quarrel to try to get their revenge. The Philosepher's Stone was created by Nicholas Flamel. The stone keeps you alive forever. Nicholas is 657 years old.Voldemort and Proffeseur Quarrel tried to steal it but Harry Potter outsmarted them and was about to die when headmaster Proffeseur Dumbledore came and rescued Harry. Proffeseur Quarrel died but Voldemort moved on to join a new body.
  • The school year ends

    Harry Potter's first year at Hogwarts has ended. Harry is now an even bigger hero than before. There is no chance that anyone wouldn't reckognize him for he has defeated Lord Voldemort twice now. Of course it won't go so well with the Dursley's as he is sure that they will continue to torture him, but Harry is exited to go back for his second year at Hogwarts.
  • Gringotts bank was robbed

    Gringotts is the safest and most protective bank in the whole world of wizardry. But one day, it was robbed. It was robbed on Harry's birthday. It seems to be suspicious that Harry doesn't know about the Philosepher's Stone. What the robbers ( Proffeseur Quarrel and Voldemort) really wanted was the stone. Earlier that day though, Hagrid the giant went to pick it up to keep it at Hogwarts. The robbers escaped but they didn't get the stone.