Historia of Asia

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  • United States/Japan Treaty of Amity and Commerce

  • Allied military expedition to Peking

    The formal acceptance by China of direct diplomatic intercourse with the Western powers marks the end of the long journey China was forced to take, departing from the tribute system.
  • Treaty of Kanghwa

    The treaty declared Korea an “autonomous state”.
  • The Tonghak Rebellion

    Were catalyst for the Sino-Japanese War.
  • Rise of Japan

    The rise of Japan begun in the last quarter of the nineteenth century. It replaced China as the dominant regional power.
  • 2nd Sino Japanese War

    The World War 2 begun 2 years earlier in Asia.
  • Creation of “Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere”

    Policy to create a self-sufficient “bloc of Asian nations led by the Japanese and free of Western powers.
  • Sgnature of the Tripartite Pact

    The Axis alliance is created with Germany and Italy.
  • Pacific War

  • Declaration of the Truman Doctrine

    Asia was ideological turning point for the United States’ global strategy and three of four major Cold War fault lines already drawn or in the process: Korea, China, and Vietnam.
  • Creation of PRC

  • Conference of Bandung

    The Asian contries didn't want to choose a side in the Cold War confrontation.
  • Severance of Diplomaic ties China/Rusia

  • Creation of ASEAN

  • China’s in the United Nations and UN Security Council

    China’s belated grand entry into the United Nations and UN Security Council as one of the five permanent members in late 1971.
  • Creation of APEC

  • Asian financial crisis

  • Asian financial recovery

  • Muslim insurgency Thailand

    A lot of religion insurgency beat the region of Asia. This one is one of the most important.
  • Tsunami

    The region is very threaten by the natural disasters.
  • FIres in Indonesia

    The fires are one the threat important in the region. One of the important consequence od the fires is the smoky clouds and the important rates of contamination.
  • Waxing of tourism

    167 millions tourists.
    78% are interregional tourists
  • Improvment relations Japan/China

  • Rusia could be integrated ?

    There is a rise of relations between Ruisa and Asia but the integration of Rusia continue to be a concern.
  • Period:

    Ming Dynastie

  • Period: to

    Quing Dynastie

  • Period: to

    1st Opium War

    Marked a momentous benchmark event in the reshaping of East Asian international relations in the nineteenth century, the beginning of the end of the tribute system.
    Japan’s victory was the first shot of the Japanese imperial system.
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    Gunboat diplomacy (China)

    That characterized Western policy in China during much of this transitional or interwar period
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    2nd Opium War

  • Period: to

    Sino Japenese War

    The vestigial influence of the traditional Chinese image of world order was finally shattered beyond recall.
  • Period: to

    Russo/Japan War

    Japan’s stunning victory it was the first military victory by an Asian country over a European power.
  • Period: to

    Washington Naval Conference

    Japan yielded to U.S. pressure to accept an unfavorable battleship ratio of 5:5:3 for the United States, Britain, and Japan, respectively.
  • Period: to

    Japan invasion and ocupation

    Consequence : rise to the "Southeast Asia"
  • Period: to

    Cold War

    Very destructive for Asia, particulary in the South-East. East Asia acquired the dubious distinction of having engendered the largest number of armed conflicts resulting in higher fatalities. The bipolar Asia constituted a break from the two previous attempts at regional integration.
  • Period: to

    Korean War

  • Period: to

    "Nixon in China Shock"

    The Sino-American rapprochement in 1970–1972 came to serve as the chief catalyst for China’s belated grand entry into the United Nations and UN Security Council as one of the five permanent members in late 1971.
  • Period: to

    Tensions Japan/China/USA

  • Period: to

    Integration of India and ASEAN countries

    More and more presented in the Asia political scene, but China keep its hegemonia.