Historical Timeline for Art 100

Timeline created by taylor.baker
  • Jan 1, 1210

    Jamb figures, west portals, Reims Cathedral

    Jamb figures, west portals, Reims Cathedral
    In the Gothic period. Were individually carved by different artists. Depicts two different scenes, the Annunciation scene and the Visitation scene.
  • Jan 1, 1501


    Michelangelo, made out of marble. He worked on it continuously for three years until it was completed.
  • Composition with Red, Blue, and Yellow

    Composition with Red, Blue, and Yellow
    by Piet Mondrian, "colorful shapes, that are created by vertical and horizontal black lines that slice through the canvas space and intersect to make areas distinct from the rest of the surface." (pg 34).
  • Male and Female

    Male and Female
    Jackson Pollock, Abstract art that can be difficult to decipher. "Created while he was undergoing psychoanalytic therapy, derived from images that he believed were from his collective unconcious mind."(pg 95)
    Abstract Expressionism
  • Galla Placidia in Philadelphia

    Galla Placidia in Philadelphia
    Joyce Kozloff. mosaic for the Penn Center Suburban Station. "Elevates decorative patterns to the level of fine art and raises the art-historical consciousness of the casual commuter." (pg 5)