History of a Political Party

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  • Democrats oppose federalist

    The democratic party feels the need to protest the alliance with Britain. They feel we should ally with France for backup during the war.
  • Who founded the Democratic Party

    Americas Democratic party was was starting to being in the 1800's
  • First Democratic Convention

    First Nation Convention for democrats is held in 1832 with the nomination of president Jackson
  • The Democratic Name

    National Convention is held to help simplify the Democratic name.
  • James K Polk

    democrats win election with the president James K Polk being wining elections. He was one of the directors of the Mexican-American war.
  • National Committee

    National Convention establishes the Democratic Committee which is the longest running political party in the world.
  • Democrats V Whig party

    Democrats pass the compromise of 1850 and win over the whig party which falls in 1852.
  • Abraham Lincoln

    Lincoln Wins the presidential election and republicans are angered due to the fact he might start a civil war.
  • 20th Century Presidents

    Democratic candidate Woodrow Wilson becomes the first Democratic president of the 20th Century. His accomplishments are leading us through WW1, fighting for the league of nations, and help passed the first labor and child welfare laws.
  • Franklin Roosevelt

    Franklin Roosevelt was elected during America's Great Depression on the Democratic party side. He helped us get through it by showing us that the Government could be an aid to the people in time of need.
  • Party's power in Use

    Democratic president Trumen shows his power by sending troops to help integrate an African-American student into school. This helped better integrate races during this time period.
  • John F Kennedy

    Election of this Candidate reenergizes the party. With the bright enthusiastic viewpoints he has, he brings them back on top.
  • Lyndon Baines

    Americans are worried with after war thoughts, but the New deal which is proposed by him gives us hope,
  • Jimmy Carter

    Democratic candidate Jimmy Carter wins 1976 election. He helped bring peace between Egypt and Israel.
  • Bill Clinton

    The election of this Candidate resparks the Democratic party. Their views on social and economic standings wins them election.
  • Democrat Gore

    Al Gore loses to GW Bush and once again puts the republicans back in charge.
  • Sept 11 and Parties

    The two parties agree after 9/11 that an invasion of afghanistan would be the best things to do. All but one democrat named Barbara Lee.
  • Democrat California Downfall

    Democratic governor in california is replaced by a Republican govenor by the name of Arnold Schwarzeneggar. This puts the 4 largest states with republican Govenors.
  • Republicans vs Democrats

    Barack Obama undergoes selection process to become elected to run the USA.
  • Obama Wins

    Obama beats the republican's candidate John McCain and becomes the first black president of the United States.