History of Computers 1990

Timeline created by danny_11
  • PhotoShop

    Photoshop was created by John and Thomas Knoll and published by Adobe Systems. Thomas had begun the project in 1987 while attending The University of Michigan earning his PhD.
  • PGP (Pretty Good Privacy)

    PGP (Pretty Good Privacy)
    PGP was introduced to the public for free by Phil Zimmermann. Zimmermann created it for people to protect themselves from governments, businesses, and institutions.
  • CompactFlash

    SanDisk at the time introduced a compact adaptable memory storage. Its used to store memory in a variety of electronic devices.
  • WiFi in Homes

    WiFi in Homes
    The growing IEEE 802.11b short-range radio networking standard is rebranded to Wi-Fi by the Wi-Fi Alliance. Wi-Fi router builds Wi-Fi connectivity onto computers and other devises.
  • IBM Mircodrive

    IBM Mircodrive
    IBM releases the Microdrive in 170 MB and 340 MB capacities. They were the smallest hard drives in the world.