History of Computers Timeline

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  • Telex Messaging Network

    Telex Messaging Network
    This started in Germany and was a way to send military messages, but led to worldwide text messaging.
  • World Brain

    World Brain
    Paul Otlet invented a makeshift search engine. The main purpose is to organize information. This led to cross references we call hyperlinks.
  • Z1 Computer

    Z1 Computer
    Konrad Zuse built his first Z1 computer. It was a binary electrically powered calculator, which read from punched celluloid film. This was the predecessor of his Z2 and Z3.
  • "Model K" Adder

    "Model K" Adder
    George Stibitz made this in his kitchen. This relay led the way for the relay based complex calculator.
  • Elektro

    Built by Westinghouse, this was the first robot. This robot, could move its arms and legs, smoke a cigarette, and even responded to voice commands. Led to a world of advanced robotics.
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    History of Computers Timeline