History of Crime Scene Investigation

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  • 600


    The development of Fingerprinting was made to be able to identify people.
  • Period:

    Crime Scene History

  • 1248

    First Forensic Book

    This book was known as the first record of medical knowledge being used to solve crimes.
  • Use of Photo Identification

    San Francisco was the first to use photography for criminal identification.
  • Criminal Identification in Hair

    Victor Balthazard and Marcelle Lambert published the first study about hair, and was the first legal case.
  • Footwear Dectection

    The Forensic Service in Britain develops online footwear coding and footwear detection system. This helps identify footwear marks quickly.
  • Facial Sketches match faces

    A software that matches someone hand-drawn facial sketches to photos that are stored in databases.