History of English Language

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  • 560

    OLD ENGLISH: King of Kent

    OLD ENGLISH: King of Kent
    The King of Kent is baptized and is the first king to convert to Christianity. Some of the words they said were like: Hath, Art, Thy, and thou.
  • 673

    OLD ENGLISH: Birth of Monk

    Venerable Bede was born who composed, Ecclesiastical History of the English People.
  • 700

    OLD ENGLISH: Records of Old English

    Some of the earliest manuscript records for Old english.
  • 1000

    First signs of writing.

    Found remains of writing named Beowulf. This is as old as it gets, but some of it is under spectulation.
  • 1066

    The Norman Invasion,

    The military of conquest by England, resulting in different changes to the languages.
  • 1265

    MIDDLE ENGLISH: Simon De Montfort

    MIDDLE ENGLISH: Simon De Montfort
    Simon De Montfort decided to call the first Parliament. Some examples of the words they would say are, anon, bet, can, and cas.
  • 1314


    The Battle of Bannockburn happened.
  • 1337

    MIDDLE ENGLISH: Hundred Years

    The Hundred Year war began.
  • 1392

    Chaucer's Canterbury Tales

    They were written and described as Social Realism.
  • 1436

    The invention of the Printing Press

    This helped with creating the first parts of the language, and making it so that everybody talked using the same words.
  • 1534

    MODERN ENGLISH: Act of Supremacy

    MODERN ENGLISH: Act of Supremacy
    The Act of Supremacy was established. Some examples of modern English are, Hangover, glamping, and lookalike.
  • 1564

    MODERN ENGLISH: Shakespeare

    Shakespeare was born.

    The first English Colony was established.
  • Publication of Shakespeare's First Folio,

    It was produced seven years after his death.
  • The discovery of North America, and The American Revolution.

    This brought in the British accent.